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Dream Girl Teasers – June 2022

Dream Girl Teasers – June 2022

Sunday 1 May 2022

Episode 181

Ayesha takes an opportunity to befriend a billionaire, Raghu, at the party. However, Raghu is shocked about Ayesha attending his party without an invitation. Later, Ayesha’s arrogance makes Raghu furious.

Episode 182

Ayesha’s fans protest against Raghu for humiliating her at the party. They ask him to apologise to her. Ayesha is delighted to learn about the same and boasts about her popularity. Karan and Aarti want to produce a film.
Monday 2 May 2022

Episode 183

Raghu is furious at Ayesha for provoking her fans against him. Aarti manages to pacify Raghu and agrees to attend a press conference with him. Ayesha is furious to learn about it and vents out her anger on Aarti.

Episode 184

Aarti spends time with Meethi. Ayesha is eager to befriend Raghu, as she aims to win his trust. Later, the two attend a press conference. Ayesha misguides Meethi about Raghu and Manav.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Episode 185

Aarti wants to be glamorous like Ayesha. Karan helps her apply make-up and the two gear up to promote Navrang Studio’s film. Ayesha helps Raghu and Meethi bond. The two spend time at Ayesha’s insistence.

Episode 186

Aarti is shocked to learn about Ayesha’s interaction with Raghu. In order to win his trust, Ayesha wants to bring Raghu and Meethi together. Karan and Aarti condemn Ayesha as she lies to Meethi that Raghu is her father.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Episode 187

Aarti makes Meethi realise that Raghu is not her father. For the promotion of Navrang Studio, Aarti succeeds in inviting Raghu to the studio to inaugurate the function. However, Ayesha pretends to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Episode 188

Ayesha pretends to be upset over the wardrobe malfunction. Raghu is unaware of her ploy. He sympathises with Ayesha and offers her shelter at his house. Ayesha is glad that she has found an opportunity to grow closer to Raghu and win his trust.

Thursday 5 May 2022

Episode 189

Ayesha tries to emotionally blackmail Raghu and urges him to invest money in Navrang Studio. Raghu realies that Ayesha is trying to manipulate him. He tells her that she cannot win his trust. Later, Raghu asks Ayesha to qualify his test.

Episode 190

Raghu offers spicy food to Ayesha to win a challenge. Ayesha becomes restless after having it. Karan talks to Richa, who suggests him a new location for the film shoot. Raghu takes Ayesha on a long drive and spends time with her.

Friday 6 May 2022

Episode 191

Raghu gives difficult tasks to Ayesha to avoid her. Ayesha faces obstacles as Raghu leaves her alone in a dense forest. Elsewhere, Karan and Richa tour places to find a filming location. Karan is surprised to see Manav’s lookalike and thinks that Manav is alive.

Episode 192

Ayesha is unable to complete Raghu’s adventurous tasks and admits defeat. Aarti consoles her. However, Ayesha emotionally blackmails Aarti who agrees to win Raghu’s trust to promote Navrang Studio. Richa misguides Karan about Manav.

Saturday 7 May 2022

Episode 193

Ayesha misuses Aarti and involves her in finishing Raghu’s tasks. Aarti pretends to be Ayesha in front of Raghu and works hard to meet his requirements. Raghu humiliates Aarti at Navrang Studio. Ayesha behaves arrogantly with the filming crew.

Episode 194

Raghu recalls Surbhi, an arrogant actress who used to hurt his feelings. Aarti finds it difficult to execute Raghu’s tedious tasks. However, she feels compelled to do so, to qualify for the test.

Sunday 8 May 2022

Episode 195

Aarti tries to complete the task given by Raghu for Navrang and Ayesha’s sake. Ayesha gets irritated during the photo shoot. Karan spots Manav while driving. Raghu hears an employee complaining about Ayesha’s rude behaviour.

Episode 196

Raghu apologises to Aarti for his behaviour and asks her to meet his clients. Later, he smears ink on Aarti’s face and troubles her. Meethi gifts a wrist band to Aarti. Raghu’s clients are shocked to see Aarti and humiliate her.
Monday 9 May 2022

Episode 197

Raghu asks Aarti to polish his clients’ shoes. Aarti questions Raghu whether he is able to sleep at night after misbehaving with her. Karan tries to follow Manav. Aarti tells Ayesha that Raghu is a nice person in spite of all his rudeness.

Episode 198

Aarti is dropped off in the middle of nowhere by Raghu’s driver. According to Raghu’s plan, a few goons try to misbehave with her while a news channel telecasts it. Karan finally gets to meet Manav. He tells Karan that Richa was his secret agent at Navrang.

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Episode 199

Ayesha is worried that Aarti might fall in love with Raghu. Manav wants to know the reason behind Ayesha’s interest in Raghu. Ayesha gives the media interview. Aarti worries about Raghu’s feelings after watching it.

Episode 200

Raghu asks Ayesha Aarti to serve him a drink. He gets nostalgic about Surbhi. Ayesha Aarti reluctantly dances to entertain Raghu. He injures his feet while forcing her to dance on broken pieces of glass.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Episode 201

Raghu tells Aarti about his brother Krishna who had committed suicide because of Surbhi. Aarti tries to console him. She tells Ayesha that circumstances have turned Raghu into a mean person. Manav asks Karan to spy on Ayehsa.

Episode 202

Ayesha creates a scene when she sees the costume. Raghu vents his anger on Aarti Ayesha. He asks her not to be concerned about him. Karan asks Richa not to let others exploit her.

Thursday 12 May 2022

Episode 203

Raghu asks Ayesha Aarti to leave his cabin. He locks the cabin and scolds Mithi. Ayesha scolds Raghu, but Mithi tells her that Raghu was only pretending to scold her. Ayesha’s behaviour upsets Richa.

Episode 204

Ayesha Aarti accepts Raghu’s challenges and wins the bet with him on the last day. She wins Raghu’s heart and makes him admit his defeat. Raghu regrets torturing Ayesha Aarti. He recalls his painful past and shares his feelings with Ayesha Aarti.

Friday 13 May 2022

Episode 205

Raghu is impressed with Ayesha Aarti and gifts a necklace to her. Ayesha feels envious on seeing Raghu and Aarti together in the jewellery shop. She hides from them. Raghu agrees to sign the Navrang Studio deal with Ayesha Aarti.

Episode 206

Raghu realises Ayesha’s Aarti greatness. Ayesha ill-treats Aarti as she succeeds in winning Raghu’s trust. She warns Aarti to stay away from Raghu. Ayesha’s motives upset Aarti. Later, Ayesha takes advantage of Aarti’s innocence and spends time with Raghu.

Saturday 14 May 2022

Episode 207

Karan learns that Ayesha is taking advantage of Aarti. He learns that Ayesha had used Aarti to win Raghu’s trust and condemns her deed. Raghu regrets torturing Ayesha Aarti. Ayesha is envious of Aarti for winning Raghu’s trust.

Episode 208

Ayesha earnestly appeals to the staff of the Navrang Studio to support her. She asks Aarti to stay away from Raghu. Aarti urges Ayesha to not hinder her freedom. Manav is upset on learning about Ayesha’s closeness to Raghu.

Sunday 15 May 2022

Episode 209

Ayesha is eager to spend time with Raghu and hides Aarti from him. Manav gives an ultimatum to Raghu and tells him to stay away from Ayesha. Karan asks Richa about Manav and is desperate to know his whereabouts.

Episode 210

Ayesha panics on seeing Manav. She is worried about the anonymous calls related to her secret activities. Raghu is worried about Ayesha’s condition. Aarti is lost in Raghu’s thoughts. Ayesha suspects Aarti of spying on her.
Monday 16 May 2022

Episode 211

Raghu is upset about Ayesha’s changed behaviour and tries to contact her. Ayesha scolds Aarti for taking Raghu’s calls. Manav condemns Ayesha for misguiding Raghu and Aarti. Ayesha is confident about seizing Raghu’s property.

Episode 212

Ayesha becomes worried after Raghu enters Aarti’s room and spends time with her and Meethi. Karan distracts Meethi’s attention from Raghu. Manav and Richa spy on Ayesha and Raghu. Later, Ayesha receives anonymous phone calls.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Episode 213

Ayesha feels scared after receiving anonymous threatening calls. She continues to feels insecure, despite Raghu’s comforting presence. Raghu is shocked to see Aarti who resembles Ayesha. He tries to learn about Aarti’s identity. However, Ayesha misleads Raghu about Aarti.

Episode 214

Aarti lies to Raghu that she does not recognise him and reveals that she is Ayesha’s twin sister. Raghu suspects Ayesha of plotting against him and becomes furious. Karan comforts Aarti and realises that Raghu and Aarti are in love with each other. Ayesha scolds Aarti for spoiling her plan.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Episode 215

Raghu concludes that Ayesha had misused Aarti to win his trust. He decides to get engaged to Ayesha to teach her a lesson. Later, Ayesha feels happy about Raghu’s proposal, while Aarti conceals her identity from him. Meanwhile, Raghu vows to expose Ayesha.

Episode 216

Ayesha panics after seeing Manav, but Raghu manages to cheer her up. She is glad with Raghu’s decision to get engaged to her. Aarti wants to renounce her love for Raghu for the sake of Ayesha. She pretends to be happy about Raghu-Ayesha’s relationship. Raghu tries to know Aarti’s feelings for him.

Thursday 19 May 2022

Episode 217

Raghu and Ayesha perform their engagement rituals in the presence of Aarti and Sona. A delighted Ayesha gets intoxicated during the event. Raghu concludes that Aarti is a teetotaler. Ayesha feels suspicious of Aarti and Raghu’s proximity. Later, she pretends to commit suicide in front of Aarti.

Episode 218

Aarti is unaware of Ayesha’s fake suicide attempt and is worried about her condition. Ayesha intends to mislead Aarti and Raghu. But Raghu suspects her. Later, Ayesha is shocked to learn that Raghu has gone bankrupt.

Friday 20 May 2022

Episode 219

Ayesha is upset to learn about Manav being alive. She expresses her hatred to him when he returns home. Raghu feels that Ayesha is not trustworthy, while Aarti condemns her misdeed. Later, they join hands in exposing Ayesha. Manav motivates Raghu and Aarti to perform their engagement rituals.

Episode 220

Raghu and Aarti share their feelings for each other and decide to get married at the earliest. However, Ayesha is envious of their proximity and plans to ruin Aarti’s life. Raghu suspects Ayesha’s motives. Manav and Karan are happy to hear about Aarti’s well-being. Ayesha feels frustrated.

Saturday 21 May 2022

Episode 221

Raghu and Aarti decide to get married. However, a furious Ayesha intends to ruin their relationship. She misleads Aarti into trusting her and later, arranges for her abduction. Aarti learns about Ayesha’s plan and confronts her.

Episode 222

Aarti sustains severe burns while trying to defend herself from Ayesha. Later, she is admitted to a hospital. Ayesha disguises as Aarti and succeeds in misleading Raghu. Raghu, Manav, Karan and Sona are unaware of her ploy. Meanwhile, Ayesha succeeds in marrying Raghu!

Sunday 22 May 2022

Episode 223

An injured Aarti flees from the hospital and files a police complaint against Ayesha for deceiving her. Later, the police investigate Aarti and Ayesha’s case. But Ayesha succeeds in misleading them. She makes Raghu believe that she is Aarti. Meanwhile, Aarti fails to prove her identity to Raghu.

Episode 224

Manav is angry on recalling Ayesha’s shameful deeds and wants to end their relationship. Aarti tries to prove her identity to Manav. However, he believes that she is Ayesha. Later, Aarti tries to make Raghu realise Ayesha’s conspiracy. Raghu misunderstands Aarti as well.
Monday 23 May 2022

Episode 225

Aarti tries to remind Karan and Manav of the past incidents. She desperately tries to prove her identity to Manav, Karan and Raghu. However, they refuse to believe that she is the real Aarti. Later, Ayesha cheats Aarti in a handwriting test. Aarti vows to expose Ayesha.

Episode 226

arti leaves the house without informing Manav and Karan. Later, they are worried about her disappearance. Ayesha succeeds in making Raghu, Manav and Karan believe that she is the real Aarti. At their insistence, she agrees to act in a film. Aarti undergoes plastic surgery to heal her burnt face.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Episode 227

Aarti Shikha transforms into a beautiful woman after undergoing cosmetic surgery. She vows to avenge Ayesha for ruining her life and begins a career in modelling. Raghu, Manav and Karan hire Aarti Shikha to promote Navrang Studio’s film. Ayesha is suspicious of Aarti Shikha.

Episode 228

Manav, Karan and Raghu are impressed with Aarti’s Shikha dance performance and make her rehearse for an item song in Navrang Studio’s upcoming film. Aarti Shikha spends some time with Raghu and shares her grief with him. Ayesha feels envious of Aarti Shikha.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Episode 229

Ayesha Aarti is furious to see Aarti Shikha and Raghu together. She warns Aarti Shikha to stay away from Raghu and ruins her dance performance too. Later, Shikha has a leg injury. Ayesha Aarti is upset with Manav and Raghu for tending to Aarti Shikha.

Episode 230

Ayesha Aarti is furious as Manav gives shelter to Aarti Shikha. She is also upset to witness Raghu tending to an injured Aarti Shikha. Out of anger, Ayesha Aarti humiliates Aarti Shikha. Raghu is suspicious of Ayesha Aarti but she pretends to be humble in front of him.

Thursday 26 May 2022

Episode 231

Manav and Raghu are suspicious of Ayesha’s Aarti gestures. Aarti Shikha tries to remind Raghu of her past and tries to seek his attention. Ayesha Aarti is outraged at Aarti Shikha on noticing her fascination with Raghu and confronts her. Aarti Shikha reveals to Ayesha about her identity.

Episode 232

Ayesha Aarti is shocked after Aarti Shikha proves her identity. Later, Ayesha Aarti lies to Manav, Karan and Raghu that Aarti Shikha is Ayesha. Manav and Karan are suspicious of Ayesha Aarti as she behaves rudely with Aarti Shikha. Aarti Shikha shares her feelings with Raghu.

Friday 27 May 2022

Episode 233

Aarti Shikha misleads Ayesha Aarti about Raghu and wants to expose her. Ayesha Aarti is furious about Aarti Shikha and Raghu’s close proximity. She confronts her for the same. Raghu is upset with Ayesha Aarti for ill-treating Aarti Shikha. Ayesha Aarti sets out to kill Aarti Shikha.

Episode 234

Aarti Shikha escapes from the gun fire accident during the film shooting. She ruins Ayesha’s Aarti plan of attempting to kill her by replacing the bullet. Raghu is frustrated with life. Manav is upset about the attack on Aarti Shikha and scolds Karan for not taking care of her.

Saturday 28 May 2022

Episode 235

Aarti Shikha sends an MMS on Ayesha’s Aarti mobile showing footage of her replacing the bullet. She teaches Ayesha a lesson and vows to expose her. Ayesha vents her anger on Aarti. Impressed with Aarti’s performance, Manav decides to offer her a lead role in his film.

Episode 236

Ayesha Aarti pretends to be humble before Manav, Raghu and Karan in order to hide her identity. Aarti tries to make Ayesha realise that she is suffering from cancer, but Ayesha does not believe her. Manav asks Ayesha and Aarti to get ready for the shot.

Sunday 29 May 2022

Episode 237

Manav is suspicious of Ayesha’s Aarti gesture. Aarti Shikha ruins Ayesha’s film shot. Ayesha falls sick and suspects that she has cancer. She secretly goes to a hospital for an oncology test. Aarti tells Manav and Raghu about Ayesha’s visit to the hospital and they go in search of her.

Episode 238

Aarti Shikha does not find Ayesha Aarti in the hospital. She is frustrated as she is unable to expose Ayesha. Raghu scolds Ayesha for visiting the hospital without telling him. She succeeds in misleading Raghu and wins his trust. She decides to get into an intimate relationship with him.
Monday 30 May 2022

Episode 239

Aarti Shikha and Ayesha Aarti confront each other. Ayesha wants to get into a relationship with Raghu and tries to impress him. However, Raghu is suspicious of her intention and hates her! Later, Ayesha is angry with him for not reciprocating her feelings.

Episode 240

Raghu is upset knowing Ayesha’s Aarti motive and does not trust her. Ayesha is furious to witness Aarti Shikha and Raghu’s proximity. Manav and Karan want to learn about Aarti’s real identity. Aarti strives to expose Ayesha. She discusses with Manav about the film’s shooting.

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Episode 241

Raghu ignores Ayesha Aarti and she strives to win his trust. Aarti Shikha is glad to learn that Raghu knows her identity. Raghu makes Aarti realise his concern for her. He reveals to Aarti about Ayesha’s ploy. Ayesha is shocked to learn about Raghu’s secret and plans to trouble Aarti.

Episode 242

Ayesha Aarti desperately wants to create trouble for Aarti Shikha. With the intention of canceling the film shoot, she pretends to fall sick. Aarti and Raghu suspect Ayesha’s motive.
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