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Scandal! Teasers – July 2022

Scandal! Teasers – July 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022
Episode 44

A victim is resolved to get what is owed to him. The police are involved in a case of a missing girl. Freddie comes up with a crazy idea for Rorisang to be in two places at once.

Thursday 2 June 2022
Episode 45

Zen makes a diabolical suggestion which infuriates Vukile. The ball is in Dintle’s court once more, but will she drop it? Rorisang has a close call but manages to dodge the bullet.

Friday 3 June 2022
Episode 46

A man refuses to be taken advantage of and spells out his ultimatum. A Ngema family emergency has Lindiwe and Omphile not seeing eye to eye. Rori splurges to face tough competition.

Monday 6 June 2022
Episode 47

Zen’s faith in his family’s ability to solve his problem diminishes whereas Omphile realises her problem does not have a simple fix and finds her solace in her family.

Tuesday 7 June 2022
Episode 48

Zenzele decides to take things into his own hands but doesn’t realise the walls have ears. Frustration builds as Omphile sees no difference. Freddie grows suspicious of his new boss.

Wednesday 8 June 2022
Episode 49

A brother and sister need to work together to foil an evil plan and save themselves. Bheseni arrives but says things his niece does not want to hear. Lily-Juice continues to gain converts.

Thursday 9 June 2022
Episode 50

A man’s feeling of success is quickly diminished as he learns just how deep the lies run. The Ngemas are in for a surprise when they are finally forced to turn to divination.

Friday 10 June 2022
Episode 51

A family is shocked to hear what a man has discovered. Lindiwe starts to worry about what Omphile will start to see. The cracks are starting to show in an influencer’s game.

Monday 13 June 2022
Episode 52

A shocking truth resuscitates a woman’s anger and grief. Omphile finds herself caught between tradition and science. Ambition gets Rorisang in trouble at work and home.

Tuesday 14 June 2022
Episode 53

A man is horrified to discover what his wife has done. Omphile’s blood test results stuns the family.  Freddie tries to apologise to Rorisang but makes matters worse.

Wednesday 15 June 2022
Episode 54

An attempt to put the genie back in the bottle backfires badly, propelling things into a direction no one saw coming. Rori’s role is more important to Lily-Juice than she realises.

Thursday 16 June 2022
Episode 55

Layla turns up the heat when she goes over Javas’ head. Mbali tries to reason with Jojo regarding his drastic decision. Lily proves to be a skilled string puller.

Friday 17 June 2022
Episode 56

Jojo is surprised to hear from an old acquaintance and the Kubekas realise their backs are against the wall. When a manager ducks out, her employee finally sees the mess she’s in.

Monday 20 June 2022
Episode 57

A family makes the hardest choice of their lives and this reveals an even a darker secret that threatens their unity. A random outburst possibly saved precious lives.

Tuesday 21 June 2022
Episode 58

A man’s morals prove to be stronger than expected and his actions are surprising to all. A family follows all the wrong clues.

Wednesday 22 June 2022
Episode 59

A man’s freedom is put in jeopardy when new information surfaces. A young woman fears that her secrets and lies will soon come out in the open.

Thursday 23 June 2022
Episode 60

Vukile’s back is against the wall and decides to gamble it all on one horse. Javas decides to do some more digging, starting with those right in front of him. Rorisang gives Freddie a harsh ultimatum.

Friday 24 June 2022
Episode 61

A huge confrontation occurs when a son realises what his father has done. Omphile reveals truths she doesn’t realise are secrets. Rorisang is forced to accept a reality she never dreamt of.

Monday 27 June 2022
Episode 62

When a black sheep realises his fate is sealed, he starts digging graves for others too. Dudu has a big proposition for Jojo. Ndu is shocked by what he finds at Chillax.

Tuesday 28 June 2022
Episode 63

A mother’s pain drives her to take drastic action and she flips the script on an unsuspecting victim. Nhlamulo and Lindiwe put the next part of their plan into action.

Wednesday 29 June 2022
Episode 64

A woman snaps and the consequences could be electrifying. Truth about a missing person emerges but not everyone welcomes the news. A trap is set for a con artist but will she take the bait?

Thursday 30 June 2022
Episode 65

Zen reveals the ace up his sleeve and throws things into a new direction. The call of the ancestors draws a child closer to the truth.

Scandal! airs on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.


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