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Application & Requirements | Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in Minnesota 2023–2024

Application & Requirements | Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in Minnesota 2023–2024

The Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Minnesota 2023–2024 | Application & Requirements is something we are happy to share with you.

Family-based immigration advocates want to grant people permission to enter the country based on their ties to American citizens or legal

Another category is “business immigration,” which refers to both temporary and permanent visas that are based on work qualifications or the intention to invest in and conduct business in the United States. The top ten immigration attorneys in Minnesota are listed on this page.

10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Minnesota 

Here are the 10 best lawyers in Minnesota, what they do, and where you can find them

#1. M.A. Law Group PLLC Attorneys at Law

AMA Law Group PLLC Attorneys at Law helps to provide legal services to people in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota. This firm helps with immigration law concerns, such as securing permanent visas and citizenship. They also defend clients in removal and deportation proceedings. The law office offers other practice areas, including criminal, personal injury, international, and family law.

Why you should use them 

  • They are professionals.
  • They are friendly 
  • They are very well detailed 

Phone no: +16124824581

Address: 1113 E Franklin Ave Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN 55404

#2. Anderson & Anderson Law Office

Anderson & Anderson Law Office provides legal solutions to individuals in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas.

They provide compassionate representation in cases under immigration law, like deportation or removal, deferred action for childhood arrivals, and citizenship. Anderson and Anderson Law Office also handles family petitions for consular processing and permanent residency.

Why you should use them 

  • Attentiveness 
  • Very responsive 
  • Respectful
  • They are very 

Phone no: +16124828381

Address: is at 2900 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Binsfeld Law Firm

The Binsfeld Law Firm provides legal representation for employees, families, companies, and individuals in Minneapolis in cases under immigration law.

The firm assists with employment-based and family immigration proceedings; they help to secure temporary U.S. visas for new employees, reunite family members with their loved ones in the U.S., and transition staff from non-immigrant visa status to green cards.

They also handle various humanitarian applications, for instance, DACA, asylum, VAWA, and military parole-in-place applications.

Why you should use them 

  • They are good at what they do 
  • Their staffs are well mannered and respectful 
  • They are also well organized 

Phone no: +16124825137

Address: 790 Cleveland Avenue South, Suite 206, Saint Paul, MN 55116

Chaudhary Law Office PLLC

Chaudhary Law Office PLLC provides legal representation to individuals and families in Minneapolis, MN. Its primary attorney, Satveer Chaudhary, is well-versed in immigration-related claims, such as visa and VAWA, deportation defense, and border denials.

He assists clients in filing for marriage-based and employment-based visas. Chaudhary also serves the needs of immigrant professionals, such as researchers, scientists, and university professors. 

Why you should use them 

  • They are very responsive 
  • They are well experienced 
  • The staffs are polite 

Phone no: +16124824947

Address: 310 Fourth Avenue South Suite 5010, Minneapolis, MN 55415

 David Immigration Law

David Immigration Law primarily focuses on the U.S. immigration needs of Australian citizens. He practically concentrates on E-3 visa assistance by closely working with Australian clients to prepare applications to the U.S. consulates in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Why you should use them 

  • Well, he is grounded in what he does.
  • Pays attention to details.
  • He does his work diligently. 

Phone no: +16518009718

Address: 80 South 8th Street #900, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Davis & Egberg Attorneys at Law

Davis & Egberg Attorneys at Law is focused on immigration law and also assists clients in the Minneapolis metro in Minnesota. Their services include consular processing, work permit and green card renewal, family-based petition handling, residency status adjustment, special immigrant juvenile proceedings, and background check.

Why you should use them 

  • They possess professionalism 
  • They are polite and hardworking 
  • They are always at your service

Phone no: +16124825839

Address: 3109 Hennepin Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

 Davis & Goldfarb

Davis & Goldfarb Immigration Lawyers is a comprehensive immigration law firm based in Minneapolis, MN. This firm assists clients with temporary employment visas, investor visas, employment and family-based permanent residence, and paths to citizenship. They also handle consular processing and deportation defense and help businesses comply with employment laws.

Why you should use them 

  • Have very brilliant staff 
  • They are well focused 
  • They are very attentive 

Phone no: +16124822085

Address: 1201 Harmon Pl Ste 303, Minneapolis, MN 55403

De León, Nestor & Torres

De León, Nestor & Torres is a law firm based in Minneapolis, part of Minnesota, that helps people gain immigration status or stop deportations in the United States.

Their partner, Susana De León, works with clients on matters that involve naturalization, asylum, an extension of status, consular processing, and removal defense. She represents clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals also.

Why you should use them 

  • The staff possesses professionalism 
  • They are very considerate.
  • They pay attention to details. 

Phone no: +16124403814

Address: 3547 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Guzior Armbrecht Maher

Guzior Armbrecht Maher offers services to clients in Minneapolis metro Minnesota. They handle various cases of immigration law, like temporary visas, adjustment of status, and asylum and refugees.

It also provides legal services in estate citizenship petitions, deportation and removal, labor certification, planning, business and commercial, real estate, family, and criminal law.

Why you should use them 

  • Has the welfare of their clients at heart.
  • They are very responsive.
  • And very knowledgeable about what they do.

Phone no: +16124829339

Address: 842 Raymond Ave, St Paul, MN 55114

 Koberstein Law

Koberstein Law is a Minneapolis-based firm that advocates for clients on immigration law matters. They offer family-based applications, removal defense, humanitarian relief, naturalization, and citizenship.

Why you should use them 

  • They are very focused 
  • They are very professional and responsive 
  • They are effective 

Immigration lawyers are essential when you talk about immigration laws; hence in matters like visa application and approval, humanitarian defense, naturalization, and many immigration cases, you should consult them to help you get over it

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