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Binnelanders Teasers – February 2023

Binnelanders Teasers – February 2023

Monday 2 January 2023
Episode 151/4195

Karen is encouraged to contact Armand, and Tertius gives Tracy a warning. Elise receives an unexpected guest, while Thalia is not the angel that Naomi thinks she is. Conrad confuses Tracy.

Tuesday 3 January 2023
Episode 152/4196

Elise needs to make a plan to earn more money, and Karen discusses make-up with Naomi. A call upsets Genevieve’s day, while a quote is cause for a panic attack. Karen’s attempt at peace doesn’t explain strange behaviour.

Wednesday 4 January 2023
Episode 153/4197

Uys is concerned about Lood, while Karen is shocked in Armand’s injury that lands him in ER. Naomi discusses the future with Thalia, and Kittie leaves Elise gobsmacked.

Thursday 5 January 2023
Episode 154/4198

Tracy changes Lood’s opinion, while Karen is seeking answers from Armand. Uys discusses strange behaviour with Elise, and Stiaan is not impressed with Tertius’ decision.

Friday 6 January 2023
Episode 155/4199

Tertius is concerned about an infection, and Elise shares her troubles with Uys. Karen is suspicious of Stiaan and Armand’s friendship, while Thalia meets Lood. Theft leaves the pots simmering.

Monday 9 January 2023
Episode 156/4200

Stiaan takes his mood out on Karen, while he also gives Armand a stern warning. Thalia tries to state her case, while Uys wants to read Annetjie the riot act. Elise listens to a confession.

Tuesday 10 January 2023
Episode 157/4201

No good deed goes unpunished, while a straight question leaves Stiaan seeing red. Liam tells Tertius what he witnessed, and Lood puts his best foot forward with Thalia. The truth concerns Karen.

Wednesday 11 January 2023
Episode 158/4202

Lood is asked about his plans for the future, while Uys is not impressed with a ‘pebble’. Karen has to listen to more than one truth, and Liam is the witness to an assault.

Thursday 12 January 2023
Episode 159/4203

Karen and Liam have no idea what to do next, while Kittie’s offer blows Elise and Annetjie away. Thalia’s dreams inspire Lood, and a doctor lands up in ER…

Friday 13 January 2023
Episode 160/4204

Annetjie needs to have an intense conversation with two doctors, while Karen is asked for help. Ruan meets Thalia, while Tertius is no longer has sympathy with Armand.

Monday 16 January 2023
Episode 161/4205

Kittie is driving Elise nuts, while Thalia has a heart-to-heart with Louis and Naomi. Karen puts her plan into action, and Tracy tells Lood in what way she envies him.

Tuesday 17 January 2023
Episode 162/4206

Annelize gives Elise a warning, and a grande dinner might just be the answer to calm the nerves. Ruan puts Lood in his place, while Karen needs Tertius to make her plan work.

Wednesday 18 January 2023
Episode 163/4207

Elise wants to resign, and Annetjie fears for her life. Stiaan gives Karen the cold shoulder, while Tracy reprimands Thalia about Ruan. Louis and Naomi prepare for a serious conversation.

Thursday 19 January 2023
Episode 164/4208

Karen tries to give Gaby answers, and Liam wants her to rethink everything. Annetjie’s bad news keeps piling up, while Uys needs to call the ambulance for Elise.

Friday 20 January 2023
Episode 165/4209

Steve tries to ignore his frustrations, while trust becomes a stumbling block between siblings. News regarding Elise spreads like wildfire. While Annelize wonders what is going on with Karen, it is Stian that completely bowls her over.

Monday 23 January 2023
Episode 166/4210

Stiaan might be slyer than he looks, and Tertius must plead for Annelize’s silence. Karen doesn’t agree with the police. Readings give way to suspicion, while Annetjie and Elise are at loggerheads.

Tuesday 24 January 2023
Episode 167/4211

Rian and Annelize make a decision regarding Elise, while Stiaan needs to be convinced of collaboration. Naomi and Louis is concerned about Amalia, and Annetjie pleads her case with Conrad. Armand gets answers.

Wednesday 25 January 2023
Episode 168/4212

Golding and his men wreak havoc in the hospital, while Annelize and Tertius land in hot water with Conrad. News about Koos makes Gaby lash out towards a friend, while Lexi doesn’t feel too well.

Thursday 26 January 2023
Episode 169/4213

The activities at the hospital cause Conrad headaches, while Steve and Ewa make contact for the first time in a long while. Lexi’s life is in danger, and someone is contesting At’s will.

Friday 27 January 2023
Episode 170/4214

Gaby hardens towards Karen, while Soekie Kellerman has evidence to support who she is – but drops a bombshell on Conrad too. The doctors argue about what is wrong with a patient, and Steve makes a plan with Ruan and Vicky.

Monday 30 January 2023
Episode 171/4210

Bronwyn’s mask falls off in Annelize’s presence, while Gaby wants to confront Stiaan. Soekie realises that Conrad doesn’t believe her, and Zee follows leads on a jogging route.

Tuesday 31 January 2023
Episode 172/4211

Joline’s encouragement makes Conrad reach out to Jacques. Naomi suspects that she has the answer to an important question. Soekie is not impressed with what she hears – and takes Annelize to task.

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.


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