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Die Put 2 Teasers – February 2023

Die Put 2 Teasers – February 2023

Monday 2 January 2023
Episode 93 (200)

We get to see who the true Yucel is. Aksin finds herself in a pickle and Idris and Meliha visit someone from their past.

Tuesday 3 January 2023
Episode 94 (201)

The Kocovali men are all trying to make sense of Aksin’s disappearance. Salih has a cunning plan to take back his nightclub. Yamac finally discovers who the man with the ring is.

Wednesday 4 January 2023
Episode 95 (202)

The Kocovali men finally find out the tragic truth about Aksin. Yucel thinks back on how the Karakuzulars were founded. Celasun has a hard time dealing with the truth.

Thursday 5 January 2023
Episode 96 (203)

Alico carries a lot of guilt about what happened to Aksin and this sends him on a dangerous path. Sultan finally finds out why all of this is happening to her family.

Friday 6 January 2023
Episode 97 (204)

Alico and Yamac face a dangerous situation. Azer is determined to avenge his brother’s death, but after speaking to Idris what he wants seems to change.

Monday 9 January 2023
Episode 98 (205)

Suspicions about Uluc are being raised by a few people, will he finally be caught out? Alico is discharged from the hospital, but this puts someone on his tracks.

Tuesday 10 January 2023
Episode 99 (206)

Selim finds out that his suspicions about Uluc were right. Cumali plans to take out Timsah. Salih might finally have a solution to his problems with Azer.

Wednesday 11 January 2023
Episode 100 (207)

Vartolu believes that his troubles with Azer are finally over, only to find out Azer won’t let up without a fight. The Kocovali brothers are at odds with each other, but Idris has a plan to reunite them.

Thursday 12 January 2023
Episode 101 (208)

Damla is faced with a difficult decision while her father is on the run. Idris and Emmi are distraught to hear that their long time friend has betrayed them.

Friday 13 January 2023
Episode 102 (209)

Yamac forces Uluc to phone Yucel to arrange a meeting. Damla demands she wants to go with Cumali to the meeting. Celasun decides to take matters into his own hands.

Monday 16 January 2023
Episode 103 (210)

Yucel arrives at the scene to meet Uluc, will everything go according to plan? Celasun takes matters into his own hands and decides to go look for Azer.

Tuesday 17 January 2023
Episode 104 (211)

After Yamac goes on a mission to save Meke and Celasun, Emmi tries to talk some sense into him. Yucel tries a new angle to attack the Kocovalis with.

Wednesday 18 January 2023
Episode 105 (212)

Ayse is very excited for her son to get home and Selim sets off to fetch him. Damla and Cumali have a heart to heart.

Thursday 19 January 2023
Episode 106 (213)

Idris shares information about Yucel which sets off a massive manhunt. Selim gets a phone call from the hospital, but everything isn’t as it seems.

Friday 20 January 2023
Episode 107 (214)

Yucel is trying to get the Kocovalis to leave everything behind and go, but everything does not go as planned. What is Yamac planning to do to Yucel and will he get away again?

Monday 23 January 2023
Episode 108 (215)
Season finale!

On the eve of Idis’ retirement, the Kocovali family are celebrating their recent victory. Unaware of a traitor in their midst, Yamac is faced with a harrowing reality and makes one of the most difficult choices of his life.

New series Die Vertroueling replaces Die Put once it ends.

Premiere episodes of Die Put 2 air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.


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