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Dokter Ali 2 Teasers – October 2022

Dokter Ali 2 Teasers – October 2022

Thursday 1 September 2022
Episode 99

When Nazli struggles to help a young patient, the doctors suspect her mother neglected her. Ali takes action to sort out the chaos in his life.

Friday 2 September 2022
Episode 100

Ali finds himself in a stressful situation after he sees the board. Nazli starts falling apart when she feels responsible for keeping Ali calm.

Monday 5 September 2022
Episode 101

After observing a tricky operation on Muhsin’s father, the board will make the decision about Ali. Will they make him a specialist?

Tuesday 6 September 2022
Episode 102

Nazli and Ali have a romantic evening planned, but it doesn’t turn out as expected. Ali is struggling to pick his speciality and asks everyone for help.

Wednesday 7 September 2022
Episode 103

Both Ali and Muhsin find it confusing when confronted with matters of the heart. Gulin offers help to Muhsin to improve his relationship with women.

Thursday 8 September 2022
Episode 104

Ali makes a difficult choice. Doruk involves Muhsin in a lifechanging decision. Ferman and Beliz can’t hide their feelings for each other.

Friday 9 September 2022
Episode 105

Ferman is faced with a situation where he must choose between his heart and the hospital’s rules. A very sick patient has every one on high alert.

Monday 12 September 2022
Episode 106

Vuslat decides to pay Doruk a visit before his big surgery which has catastrophic ramifications. Will Ferman disobey direct orders and how will that affect his relationship with Beliz?

Tuesday 13 September 2022
Episode 107

Tanju reveals a shocking secret. Ferman asks Ali to make a difficult decision. Doruk has trouble making peace with his situation.

Wednesday 14 September 2022
Episode 108

Ferman and Ali work very hard to help Suna. Vuslat is determined to at least keep Ali at the hospital and does everything to guarantee that he stays.

Thursday 15 September 2022
Episode 109

Ali struggles to make his decision, receiving help from an unexpected source. It’s an emotional day in the hospital for staff and patients alike.

Friday 16 September 2022
Episode 110

Ferman bid an emotional farewell. Nazli has news which forces Ali to face some of his demons. A new patient has family ties to a past that Ali would rather forget.

Monday 19 September 2022
Episode 111
Final episode!

Ali struggles to settle on a diagnosis for Mehmet while grappling with whether he can be a parent or not. Nazli is not feeling confident. Ferman must make a big decision regarding his future.

New series Verdeelde Liefde replaces Dokter Ali once it ends.

Premiere episodes of Dokter Ali air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.


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