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Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science 2023

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Applications for the Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship For Women in Science 2023 are now open. The Fellowships offer women researchers a stay in an interdisciplinary and international academic environment at NIAS-KNAW in Amsterdam for a period of one semester.

Exempted from regular administrative, (and/or) clinical and teaching tasks, the researchers get the opportunity to focus on broadening and deepening their research and writing publications or grant proposals.

The Dutch FWiS fellowship programme is part of a prestigious international programme that is a collaboration between UNESCO and L’Oréal. Since 1998, more than 3900 women from 110 countries have received a fellowship or award. Five of them have gone on to win a Nobel Prize, including the Nobel Prize winners of 2020 for Chemistry, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna.


  • Two fellowship grants of €30,000 each, will be awarded with the intention to advance the academic career of women researches three to ten years after they have finished a PhD.


  • Women researchers with 3 to 10 years of post-PhD academic experience (Veni/Vidi level) may apply. Maternity leave, part-time work and family care will be taken into account and, if applicable, the upper limit of 10 years can be extended by up to 18 months per child.
  • Applicants submit a proposal on a current research topic in the Life Sciences or in the STEM disciplines. The Life Sciences are defined as research focusing on scientific and engineering knowledge that contribute to the understanding of the underlying processes in the existence of living organisms. This includes the study of conditions of health and disease in humans. It implies a comprehensive and integrated approach which may also include the humanities and social sciences, while at the same time doing justice to a solid foundation in the natural sciences. Additionally, STEM is defined as the exact sciences, including research in the fields of Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • As the aim of this programme is to increase the number of women professors in the Netherlands by improving the career prospects of women researchers, only researchers with a permanent or temporary contract at a Dutch university or research institute are eligible to apply. Zero-hour contracts or visiting researcher positions do not apply.


Applicants will have to provide a full description of max. 1500 words of the proposed project before March 1, 2023. Those who will be awarded with the fellowship can start their period of stay at NIAS-KWAS early September 2023 or early February 2024.

Your application should consist of the following:

  • Application Form
  • A full project description, using the Project Proposal form;
  • Your CV including a list of your key publications (3 pages max.);
  • Two letters of recommendation by (international) specialists in your field;
    The letters should make explicit reference to the innovative character of the proposal and to the candidate’s potential to maintain a high level of quality in her future career. Note that the jury will not accept letters from relatives or others that have a personal, non-work related relationship with the candidate that could lead to conflict of interest.
  • Two of your most relevant publications (in PDF).

Submit your application portfolio (7 documents in total) by email no later than March 1, 2023 to Dr Jon Verriet, Netherlands Commission for UNESCO: jverriet@unesco.nl.

For more information, visit L’Oréal-UNESCO.


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