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iF Social Impact Prize 2023 (EUR 100,000)

Deadline: May 9, 2023

Applications for the iF Social Impact Prize 2023 are now open. The iF Social Impact Prize supports projects that contribute to improving the society. If you work towards achieving one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, your project is eligible.

The best projects will be honored with a total prize money of EUR 100,000. You are welcome to submit all projects that contribute to solving the most urgent challenges of our time and help to improve conditions – your CSR projects or your active support for a specific aspect of society.


  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals


  • The prize money of EUR 100,000 will be donated by iF. It can be awarded to one or split between several projects. In May and September 2023 a jury panel will decide the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE 2023 the projects supported by iF and divide up the prize money.


  • Companies, design studios, NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, public and other organizations are welcome to submit.
  • Your project should already be established and you can apply with the same project a maximum of two times.
  • Student concepts will not be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

The five criteria will be used by the jurors to give scores to individual aspects of each entry:

  • Problem-solving: Does it approach or solve a relevant problem?
  • Moral-ethical standards: Does it reflect or promote moral-ethical standards?
  • Solidarity: Does it strengthen group relations?
  • Reasonable effort: Does it balance effort and use value?
  • Beneficial experiences: Does it create a positive experience?


  • Create an account.
  • Fill in the basics.
  • Upload two pictures, enter a short entry description, and add initiator as well as partner address.
  • Click on “Publish your project” (for free) to finalize the participation.

After a brief content check by iF, you will receive a short confirmation. If everything is okay, your project will automatically be published and compete for the prize.

Click here to create an account

For more information, visit iF Social Impact Prize.


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