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Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship 2023-2024

Deadline: December 15 (Int’l Applicants)/February 1, 2023 (US Applicants)

Applications are open for the Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship 2023-2024. The Knight-Wallace Fellowships offer accomplished journalists a unique opportunity: study and collaborative learning at the University of Michigan to deepen knowledge, develop new ideas and address challenges facing the journalism industry.

Journalists who are eager for growth and deeply committed to the future of journalism spend an academic year in Ann Arbor to access the resources of a world-class university and dive into a journalism project. Areas of focus can include, but are not limited to, sharpening professional skills, addressing a challenge facing your newsroom, digging into data and research for a long-term reporting project or developing a journalism venture.

They select up to 20 Fellows from all facets of journalism who are ready to take the next career step and join them in Ann Arbor for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


  • Eight-month programme of immersive study away from daily deadlines
  • Individual journalism projects designed to develop topical depth, gain new skills, address a newsroom challenge or explore a journalism venture
  • Specialized resources and access to faculty at the University of Michigan
  • Private seminars with newsroom innovators and world-renowned experts for candid, off-the-record conversations
  • Workshops to sharpen professional skills and leadership ability
  • $75,000 stipend distributed monthly from August through April for living expenses (costs for auditing courses, participating in required workshops and fellowship activities, and health insurance paid for by Wallace House)
  • Spouses and partners invited to participate in fellowship activities and audit university courses as well


  • Qualified applicants must have a minimum of five years of experience and be currently working in some aspect of journalism for a news organization or as an independent journalist.
  • They are looking for a diverse range of journalists, including reporters, editors, data experts, visual journalists, audio producers, engagement specialists, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and organizational change agents.
  • If you are not a full-time journalist, the majority of your work should be in journalism. They do not consider full-time academics, public relations writers, internal trade writers, lobbyists, public advocates, or those seeking a degree.
  • If you are a U.S. citizen, apply as a U.S. applicant, even if you work in another country or for a non–U.S. journalism entity. If you are not a U.S. citizen, apply as an international applicant, even if you work in the United States or for an American journalism entity. A Green Card is not the same as citizenship.


All Fellows awarded the in-person fellowship must maintain residency in Ann Arbor for the duration of the fellowship, attend all programme seminars and events, and make the fellowship their primary professional focus. Applicants working in a newsroom are encouraged to obtain employer consent granting a leave of absence with the understanding that, upon completion of the fellowship and where applicable, the Fellow will return to their place of employment.


For more information, see FAQ and visit Knight-Wallace Fellowship.


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