Home Teasers Legacy 2 on Me Teasers – April 2023

Legacy 2 on Me Teasers – April 2023

Legacy 2 on Me Teasers – April 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023
Episode 71

Can you imagine?

Robbie believes he’s won, but Mzisi gives him a shocking dose of reality. Felicity has to confront a dark truth about her past.

Thursday 2 March 2023
Episode 72

Hide and seek

Stefan and Lexi play hide and seek as Sims comes achingly close to uncovering their affair… Robbie must pull out all the stops to defuse his beef with Msizi.

Monday 6 March 2023
Episode 73

Best laid plans

With their nuptials drawing closer, Felicity secretly worries that she’s going to inadvertently blurt out the harrowing truth to Marco. Lexi battles with having strong feelings for two men but she’s urged to choose one over the other to avoid dramatic loss.

Robbie’s idea for the squatter community and the solar project gets intense push-back while he finds himself being pulled towards a work colleague.

Tuesday 7 March 2023
Episode 74

Breaking up is hard to do

Felicity fears she may be undone by her sleep talking. Robbie gives in to the forced removal but Sandra has other ideas. Lexi has bad news for Stefan and Sims, but then changes her mind.

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Episode 75

You can’t outrun your past

Marco hears Felicity talking about Darren in her sleep. Robbie and Sandra bond over the wetlands compromise.

Thursday 9 March 2023
Episode 76

Love and War

Everything is all set for Felicity and Marco’s wedding even as things fall apart. Sims’ love life comes crashing down while Robbie’s takes off spectacularly.

Monday 13 March 2023
Episode 77

End of the affair

Felicity must choose between love and the dark secrets that rule her. The correct choice is obvious… As passion sparks for Robbie and Sandra, Msizi and Barend prepare to settle the problem of the wetland once and for all.

Tuesday 14 March 2023
Episode 78

Unhappy endings

Felicity struggles to face the consequences of her decisions publicly while Lexi is forced to deal with hers privately. Msizi conspires to get his way at all cost.

Wednesday 15 March 2023
Episode 79

Poisonous people

Sandra is caught between the man she works for, and someone she potentially cares for. Dineo offers Felicity a much-needed distraction from her current situation. Lexi leads Stefan down another path of lies, but this time it’s for the greater good.

Thursday 16 March 2023
Episode 80

No good goodbyes

With the wetland dying, Robbie throws his support behind Msizi. But a clue in the court paperwork might prove to be Msizi’s undoing… Lexi throws herself on her sword in order to save Brightside. But will she be able to walk away from the man she loves…

Felicity grapples with the pain of losing Marco, unable to get over the loss.

Monday 20 March 2023
Episode 81

Baby blues

Felicity and Elizabeth are both struggling to come to terms with what having (or not having) children. Robbie throws a spanner in the works and Msizi and Sandra’s plans are put on hold.

Tuesday 21 March 2023
Episode 82

Baby steps

Robbie refuses to let Msizi get away with what he knows to be true regarding the contamination of the wetland. He confronts Msizi and Legacy about it. All the talk about SJ and Petra’s baby, Elna, sends Elizabeth into a spin. She is encouraged to start putting herself out there and start dating again.

Sanele is all ready to pursue the gorgeous mystery maintenance man.

Wednesday 22 March 2023
Episode 83

A thin line between love and hate

Msizi sends in a human stealth bomb in the form of Sandra to try and disarm Robbie but Robbie refuses to be deterred from the fight. Elizabeth takes the plunge into the world of online dating. Sanele gets all hot under the collar from another employee.

Thursday 23 March 2023
Episode 84

A desert of money

Sanele can’t believe his luck as his friendship with Jabu becomes Not Safe For Work. A showdown in the boardroom ends in a shocking resignation: a Price is leaving Legacy.

Monday 27 March 2023
Episode 85

Cause and effect

Elizabeth is ready to give up on love, but will a business associate of Angelique brighten up her Valentine’s Day? As the court case begins, Janet’s worst fears are coming true: Legacy has brought a squad of lawyers to take down Robbie and Cranston.

Tuesday 28 March 2023
Episode 86


In her quest to land a man, Elizabeth enlists Dineo as her wingwoman… and almost immediately sees results. As Sanele spoils his new boy, his friends start to wonder if Jabu might be too good to be true.

Sandra plays Robbie and Cranston at their own game, and turns the court case in her favour. But will her triumph last?

Wednesday 29 March 2023
Episode 87

Hearts and minds

As Sandra pulls out the stops in her court battle against Robbie, Msizi receives some unexpected news. Sanele’s been struck by Cupid’s arrow, but Jabu is bleeding him of more than just love…Egged on by Lexi, Elizabeth’s quest to find Mr. Right enters a new chapter.

Thursday 30 March 2023
Episode 88

Desperate times, desperate measures

Nerves are high as Msizi and Robbie prepare for their final day in court. Elizabeth makes a tough decision that could affect the rest of her life.

Premiere episodes of Legacy air on Me from Mondays to Thursdays at 18h20.


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